San Antonio Beach

San Antonio Beach

An urban beach bustling with young holidaymakers and lined with vibrant bars and restaurants, S'Arenal is the island's party beach.

Being the beach that runs alongside the famous sunset strip of a resort that is the so-called "clubbing capital of the universe", S'Arenal is oriented around the youth that come to Ibiza to party. In the summer months, it'll be full of club promotors and its many bars and cafés will be playing music throughout the day creating a lively electric atmosphere.

It is a pleasant beach with shallow waters and lots of facilities where you can enjoy a comfortable day sunbathing on the Balearic coast. There are also lots of fun water sports you can get involved in, such as banana boats and flying fish! 


  • Length: 500 metres.
  • Width: 50 metres.

How to get there

You can walk from anywhere in the San Antonio or Bay of San Antonio resorts. 


There is an endless choice of places to get food and drink throughout the day as the entire length of the bay is bordered with cafés, bars and restaurants.