Car Rental in Ibiza

Car Rental in Ibiza

If you want to truly explore Ibiza and all its stunning beaches with total freedom, the best thing you can do is rent a car. That way you're not relying on the sometimes unreliable bus schedules.

Getting around Ibiza freely is essential to enjoy the various natural wonders to be found on the island. The best way to avoid problems is to book a car before getting to Ibiza. That way you'll be able to freely discover the beaches like Cala Vadella, Cala de San Vicente or Cala Conta.

If you dedice to rent a car in Ibiza, picking it up and dropping it off at the airport is the easiest and cheapest option, as there will be several companies offering rental cars, and each one competes with the next.

But with August and July being the most popular months, it's common that the cheapest cars are booked well ahead of time, so we recommend that you rent your car just after you've bought your flight there.


As is the case with many countries in the European Union, there are certain documents needed to rent a car in Spain. You must be 21 years old, and have had a licence for at least two years. And if you're travelling with children, you'll need the relevant child seat.


If you have decided to rent a car in Ibiza, you'll need to park it! The island doesn't have enough parking spaces to deal with the number of tourists, and parking for free in the centre of town can be a nightmare!

Your other option includes parking in the blue zone ( 1 (US$ 1.10)/hour), in paid car parks, or the Marina and Puerto de Ibiza neighbourhoods.

Where to Rent a Car in Ibiza

Before choosing a company, we recommend comparing prices using our search engine:

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