Cala de San Vicente - One of Ibiza's most famous coves
Cala de San Vicente

Cala de San Vicente

Sheltered by pine-covered hills, Cala de San Vicente is a long beach in the northeast of the island that boasts of brilliant, blue waters.

This charming cove is equipped with all kinds of facilities and has many hotels and restaurants located on the promenade, making it a comfortable and pleasant place to spend the day. Despite being busy during summertime, its impressively wide bay means it's easy to find a spot. 


  • Length: 400 metres.
  • Width: between 20 and 30 metres.

How to get there

You can go by car from most of the main towns in Ibiza. There are small car parks at both ends of the beach, although they fill up quickly during high season.

There are also bus services from the main towns.


There are a wealth of restaurants along the beachfront, most of which serve seafood and paella.

Nearby places

Aguas Blancas (1.8 km) San Carlos (5.1 km) Cala Boix (5.3 km) Cala Llenya (6.7 km) Cala Nova (7.5 km)