Cala Gració

Cala Gració is a deep cove just north of San Anontio where children can swim and play safely in its calm waters.

Cala Gració is located within walking distance from San Antonio, however, as it's slightly further out it tends to be less busy than other beaches.

This uniquely deep cove almost forms a swimming pool where children can swim safely without strong currents or waves. Although small, there are lots of interesting spots among the pine trees and rocks to explore. 

Next to Cala Gració is Cala Gracioneta, an even smaller and more charming version.


  • Length: 50 metres.
  • Width: 110 metres.

How to get there

Cala Gració is just a 15-minute walk from San Antonio, but you can also get buses and ferries

If you're going by car, there is parking near Cala Gració and customers of El Chiringuito can use its car park for free. 


You can buy all kinds of drinks and snacks at the beach bar, and you should also check out the popular beach bar and restaurant  El Chiringuito, a great place to enjoy a cocktail or an evening meal at sunset.