Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas (Aigües Blanques) is a beach located on a long, narrow coastal strip at the foot of steep cliffs.

Aguas Blancas is a very open beach where the easterly wind produces an intense and continuous swell that breaks along the shore.

The main drawback of Aguas Blancas Beach is its difficult access, as visitors need to park a long way away and walk up and down a slippery, concrete slope under the sun.


  • Length: 300 metres.
  • Width: 10 metres.

How to get there

From San Carlos take the PM-810 road, and a few metres from the village you'll find the access point to Aigüas Blancas and Cala Sant Vicent.

Nearby places

Cala de San Vicente (1.8 km) San Carlos (3.5 km) Cala Boix (3.6 km) Cala Llenya (4.9 km) Cala Nova (5.6 km)