Cala Longa

Located near Santa Eulalia, Cala Llonga is a pleasant beach with lots of facilities and activities.

Cala Llonga beach is part of the famous mini resort that goes by the same name. Equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas and even a children's play area, it's a fantastic option for families.


  • Length: 200 metres.
  • Width: 100 metres.

How to get there

You can travel by car or bike as well as get a bus from Santa Eulalia. There's also a ferry service from Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town.


There is a variety of restaurants to choose from along the beach. Visit La Casita or Amante Ibiza for spectacular views.

Nearby places

Santa Eulalia (3.6 km) Talamanca (6.9 km) Es Caná (7.5 km) Pacha Ibiza (7.7 km) Cala Nova (8.2 km)