Cala Longa

Located near Santa Eulalia, Cala Llonga is a long, sandy beach with crystal-clear, calm water.

Cala Llonga is a quiet and easily accessible beach that's perfect for families and young people interested in water sports.

The beach occupies a natural harbour with fine white sand that makes its crystal-clear waters sparkle. The beach is also surrounded by a dense pine forest that creates a dreamlike setting.


  • Length: 200 metres.
  • Width: 100 metres.

How to get there

To get to Cala Llonga from Ibiza, you just need to drive towards Jesús and follow the signs to the cove.

Nearby places

Santa Eulalia (3.6 km) Talamanca (6.9 km) Es Caná (7.5 km) Pacha Ibiza (7.7 km) Cala Nova (8.2 km)