Cala SaladaSurrounded by lush unspoilt nature, Cala Salada and its neighbour, Cala Salada, are two of the most popular coves in Ibiza.
Cala Salada - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala ContaCala Conta offers an idyllic landscape that makes it one of the favourite beaches among tourists and inhabitants of San Antonio.
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Cala VadellaVisit this beautiful bay with turquoise waters and golden sands bordered by rocky walls that shelter it from the wind and waves.
Cala Vadella - introducing Ibiza]]>
San VicenteSheltered by pine-covered hills, Cala de San Vicente is a long beach in the northeast of the island that boasts of brilliant, blue waters.
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Cala GracionetaJust a short walk from San Antonio, Cala Gració's smaller, neighbouring cove is a charming and convenient place to spend the day in the sun.
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Las Salinas BeachVisit Ibiza's celebrity beach that is located in the heart of the Ses Salines Natural Park.
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Playa d'en Bossa Playa d'en Bossa is one of Ibiza's largest beaches and offers a wide range of activities as well as a vibrant nightlife.
Playa d'en Bossa - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala BassaCala Bassa is one of Ibiza's most beautiful beaches thanks to its fine sand and calm turquoise waters.
Cala Bassa - introducing Ibiza]]>
Sa CaletaAlso known as Es Bol Nou, Sa Caleta is a small, quiet beach surrounded by pine trees and reddish rocks that give it a unique character.
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Cala LongaLocated near Santa Eulalia, Cala Llonga is a pleasant beach with lots of facilities and activities for tourists to enjoy.
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Cala PortinatxLocated on the north of the island, Portinatx is a beautiful cove that, despite being very urbanised, still retains its natural charm.
Cala Portinatx - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala d'HortLocated in Sant Josep, Cala d'Hort is one of Ibiza's blue flag beaches and one of the most popular on the island for its fantastic views.
Cala d'Hort - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala TaridaCala Tarida is an urbanised beach where hotels, flats and restaurants have been incorporated into the landscape, creating multiple services.
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FigueretasLocated in the urban area of Ibiza Town, Figueretas Beach (Ses Figueretas) is one of the most popular beaches in the city.
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Cala LlenyaCala Llenya is located on the east of the island and is a great place to go if you want to avoid busy crowds during high season.
Cala Llenya - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala GracióCala Gració is an attractive u-shaped beach located next to the municipality of San Antonio.
Cala Gració - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala CodolarLocated in the west of the island, about 7 kilometres from San José, Cala Codolar is a small beach that tends to be quieter than its coastal neighbours.
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Cala CarbóCala Carbó is a small beach surrounded by a rugged landscape that makes it a quiet place where the sea remains calm.
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Cala JondalLocated in the south of the island, Cala Jondal is a wide bay with pebbles on most of its surface instead of sand.
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Es CavalletEs Cavallet Beach is well-known for being a nude beach that's LGBT-friendly.
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TalamancaThanks to its easy access and its services, this beach is often chosen by families looking for a quiet place with calm waters.
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Cala XarracaCala Xarraca is a long, narrow beach surrounded by rocks where Neptune grass has completely taken over the coast.
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Aguas BlancasAguas Blancas is a beach formed by a long and narrow coastal strip located at the foot of steep cliffs.
Aguas Blancas - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala BoixLocated on the east of the island, Cala Boix is a beach that remains uncrowded even during the summer season.
Cala Boix - introducing Ibiza]]>
Cala NovaLocated near the resort Es Caná, Cala Nova is a long, narrow beach with golden sands against turquoise waters surrounded by a pine forest.
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Cala MolíCala Molí is a small beach surrounded by pine trees with an uncomfortable surface made up of pebbles and boulders.
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Es CanáEs Canar Beach has fine sand, although its waters aren't as striking as those of other beaches on the island.
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San Antonio BeachAn urban beach bustling with young holidaymakers and lined with vibrant bars and restaurants, S'Arenal is the island's party beach.
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Ibiza TownFind out where to go during the day and the evening if you're staying in Ibiza Town, a place known for its vibrant nightlife and quaint charm.
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San AntonioSan Antonio is Ibiza's second-largest town and the most popular on the island among young international party-goers.
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Santa EulaliaSanta Eulalia is a beautiful, quiet resort that's popular among families and those looking for a more relaxed holiday in Ibiza.
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Santa GertrudisRead about Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, a small village where tourists can enjoy a traditional Mediterranean village and a peaceful atmosphere.
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San CarlosDiscover the hippy spirit of this charming village in the northwest of Ibiza where time seems to have stood still.
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Cova de Can MarçàDon't miss out on a visit to Can Marçà, an impressive cave that's over 100,000 years old and was historically used by pirates.
Cova de Can Marçà - introducing Ibiza]]>
Pacha IbizaFounded in 1973, Pacha is one of the oldest clubs in Ibiza and has spread all over the world.
Pacha Ibiza - introducing Ibiza]]>
AmnesiaVoted the best club in the world on numerous occasions, Amnesia is an unmissable club for Ibiza's keen party-goers.
Amnesia - introducing Ibiza]]>
PrivilegePrivilege is the biggest club in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records and has a a capacity of 10,000 people!.
Privilege - introducing Ibiza]]>
Ushuaia Beach HotelOpened in 2011, the Ushuaia Beach Hotel's club has revolutionised Ibiza and created a new hotel-club concept.
Ushuaia Beach Hotel - introducing Ibiza]]>
Es ParadisInaugurated in 1975, Es Paradis was one of the first clubs in Ibiza and was created by one of the founders of the famous Café del Mar.
Es Paradis - introducing Ibiza]]>
Lío IbizaLío opened its doors in 2011 with a new concept: a restaurant, bar, cabaret and club all in one venue.
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Hï IbizaHï Ibiza opened its doors in 2017 and has become a landmark for lovers of electronic music.
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